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Gianluca Fiorelli is an SEO and Web Marketing Strategist, who operates in the Italian, Spanish and English speaking countries market.

Gianluca Fiorelli, who is in his 40s right now, is not the classic SEO who may claim to be in the industry since even before the invention of Google.

To tell the naked truth, neither in his geekest dreams Gianluca was imagining that one day he would practice or even talk and write about SEO; not at all. In fact Gianluca Fiorelli was working in the Entertainment industry in Italy, as Head of Programming for thematic Movie Channels in the D+ Digital Pay TV platform.

But life is unpredictable.

But in 2003, due to a totally unexpected twist of Fate, Gianluca Fiorelli was put in charge of the Web Department of the company he was working at the moment.

Since then Gianluca Fiorelli has evolved from Web Project Manager to the actual SEO and Web Marketing Consultant position.

As a freelance and independent consultant, Gianluca Fiorelli has worked with Clients of every kind: from small to medium local businesses, Top 500 companies and startups.

He also works regularly as independent consultant with bigger international SEO agencies.

Active member of the SEO community, Gianluca Fiorelli is a Moz Global Associate, speaks regularly on different marketing and search events (in three languages), offers in-company training sessions and speaking and he is occasionally contracted as Expert to give master classes in universities.

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SEO Trends 2017 – A MidSummer Review Search Engine Optimisation
11 min

SEO Trends 2017 – A MidSummer Review

21st August 2017
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Gianluca Fiorelli
Gianluca Fiorelli reviews the two biggest radical changes from Google in the past 18 months 1) Machine Learning and 2)...
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